Beginners and visitors are always welcome! Please feel free to come watch any class on our schedule without appointment. If you've been thinking about giving Aikido a try, be bold and take the first step!

We recommend that you watch a class before joining, but you are also welcome to try a class before deciding on membership. Every school is different and we feel that it's best to watch a class before starting in order to get a sense of what our dojo is like. After becoming a full member, students are required to commit to training a minimum of two days per week. 


Free Trial Class
Register for a free trial to a basics class:

Beginner Membership
$200 + free uniform

Two months of membership limited to basics classes & noon classes


Unlimited attendance to all classes

Kids Membership (Ages 6-13)
$75 per month

All dues are non-refundable


In your first few classes, you will be given instruction on basic movements such as stance, footwork, and how to fall to the ground safely. Learning to fall is one of the primary points of instruction and is essential to be able to practice the art fully. Performing the techniques with effectiveness and concentration is one of the most important basic skills to develop, and we will work to each person’s individual physical abilities when getting started–everyone is welcome.

The rewards of Aikido training are proportionate to one’s commitment. Learning such a traditional martial art form is not easy and the most important quality is a resilient attitude with a desire to pursue this path of training. With this type of commitment, the training will not only forge a strong person in body and mind, but, most importantly, in spirit.

Membership information

Member dues help keep the dojo open and operating, and are not a payment for instruction. We have no contracts; dues are paid on a month-to-month basis and are submitted within the first week of each month. Membership allows for unlimited training in all classes on our schedule except weapons classes (which are by permission of the chief instructor.)

Dues are non refundable.


Adult Membership

$110 per month for unlimited classes


$75 per month


Beginner special

$310 for 3 months ( save $20 + free uniform)


$20 off adult membership


$10 off each additional person

Every day is a chance to grow stronger, more focused, more compassionate, and more aware. Every time we step into the dojo and onto the mat, we earn a small victory over laziness and self-doubt.

Becoming present and truly alive is not an achievement to be unlocked; it is a struggle that demands our effort and attention each day:

Amazing teachers in a beautiful space. Aikido has become such a positive force in my life. These folks helped me get there. 
— Sarah B.
“Logan Square Aikido is a beautiful dojo and friendly community eager to accompany you down the challenging and rewarding road of improving yourself through Aikido practice. You will build endurance and power, strengthen your body and balance, and sharpen your drive and mental focus.
— Jeff O.
Exceptional teachers offering sincere Aikido practice. Very welcoming of newcomers. This dojo is gold.
— Mike C.