dojo guidelines

Below you will find a general list of what is expected of you in the dojo. Watch more experienced members when confused, and do your best to learn from observation.

Remember that, at its heart, Aikido is a martial practice and should be approached with this intention. From the moment you enter the dojo, practice being alert, awake, and present.

1. When entering or leaving the dojo, perform a standing bow in the direction of the kamiza. When entering the mat for the first time and before leaving the dojo, perform a seated bow at the edge of the mat. Do two seated bows (to the kamiza and then to the center of the mat) when stepping onto the mat for the first time after changing into your uniform.

2. No shoes or socks on the mat, and please remove hats upon entry.

3. Cell phones should be turned off and are not to be used in the dojo; be present!

4. Be on time for class. If you do happen to arrive late, bow at the edge of the mat and proceed directly to the changing room. After changing quickly, sit quietly in seiza at the edge of the mat until the instructor grants permission to join practice. If you feel that the instructor cannot see you waiting, clearly and politely say, “Onegaishimasu.”

5. Never attempt to call for the instructor from across the room for any reason (except in case of injury.)

6. If you need to leave the mat or dojo for any reason during class, approach the instructor and ask permission.

7. Do not lean against the walls or sit with your legs stretched out.

8. Remove watches, rings and other jewelry before practice.

9. Do not bring food, gum, or beverages with you into the dojo.

10. Please keep your finger and toe nails cut short.

11. Keep your training uniform clean, in good shape, and free of odors.

12. Please keep talking during class to a minimum. Steal the art with your eyes and ask questions after class.

13. Train vigorously with each other, but maintain a feeling of mutual benefit.

14. Please pay your membership dues promptly. If, for any reason, you are unable to pay your dues on time, please speak with the instructors.

15. Inform the instructors if you plan to be absent from training for an extended period.

16. Uphold the cleanliness of the dojo at all times; it is the responsibility of all the members together to help maintain a clean dojo.

17. Train with utmost sincerity, holding nothing back.